Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where did the week go?

Well everyone, hate to say this, but didn't take any pics this week! So very sorry... Both the boys were still getting over their colds, then LB had to have several shots and that did him in for another 2 or 3 days. He finally started feeling better, but developed a cough last night.
He seems okay though, so I'm hoping this cough will pass quickly!
Good news though - my book went to the printers this week!
Love to you all...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Earlier in the week (when it was a bit chilly), BB wanted to snuggle on the porch. Everytime the wind picked up, he would hide under his blanket. Fine by me, two is much warmer than one!

Wednesday afternoon BB got a fever, and soon after that his other cold syptoms started to show. Here he is feeling icky... LB got it too, so this was our first time having both boys sick at once. BB's throat is his main issue, while LB's biggest symptoms are wanting to be held non-stop and boogers! It hasn't been that bad though, just way too much DVD's (I challenge anyone else to come up with a better way to get a sick 3 yr old to rest!).

Ta Da! My finished raspberry fiber has turned into this...

Lots of practice sitting up. Made lots of progress! Even getting himself to sitting position without much help (mostly results in tipping and bumping large baby head, but no fear Chunky Monkey plunges on)!

We also had a very fun Orange Day on Wednesday. We wore orange, carved orange pumpkins, and were going to eat things like orange carrots and orange cheese ('cept BB is never very hungry when he's coming down with something).

Next month will be Yellow Day, so if any of you out there find some neat little, mail-able yellow stuff to share, send it our way!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun Things

So, this thing is refusing to display my picture properly, and I give up. Anyways, that raspberry fiber I dyed a few weeks ago, well, I spun it all on my little spindle and then made it into a 2-ply and set the twist. I ended up with 170+ yards of this! I love the sixe it turned out, and am knitting a little bag out of it...
This is Penelope Clearwater, our new pet (yes, that's a Potter name). BB is most pleased with our new aquisition - a friend of mine gave her to us. BB helps feed her every morning and evening!
Isn't he cute?!?
He's my little chunky monkey, just checking out the pumpkins we brought back from the festival...
Wrestling already?
I am in for quite the ride, aren't I?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pumpkin Festival

We used Daddy's day off to go up to the Pumpkin Festival at Butler's Orchard, first place we headed to was their HUGE slides! They have three big ones and one tot slide. BB wasn't scared at all!

We went down all three of these! First the middle one, then BB wanted to do the big tunnel, and then we did the really steep one on the left!

Coming out of the big tunnel...

There were lots of neat things to climb on, a castle and even a train!

Waiting in the shade while BB is on the wooden train...

Waiting for the next tractor ride that will take us to the pumpkins!

It's a PUMPKIN! We brought home two pumpkins to decorate for harvest season!

We also had some great sandwiches and BB had an apple cider donut. The ride home was noisy: LB squealed and wailed a bit, BB was quiet as usual (in the truck). After that me and the boys took naps, the perfect end to the perfect day!

Great Photo Week

What a great picture week! We went to see Aunt Lindsay at her park and brought her a birthday crown...

The boys also played together a ton! LB was fussy for a few days, and Sunday his 1st tooth peeked through his gums! He also chose that day to sit unsupported for 10 secs AND to become very moblile for someone who cannot technically crawl! You can no longer leave him unnattended for a few seconds and assume he'll be there when you get back! Hmmm.... Going to have to figure a way to close off the living room again - he does NOT need free range of the whole house yet!
Here's the fort BB was playing in for a few days, which is great - we're still getting use out of something LB's kinda out-grown... the next shot I took sticking the camera up to the blanket...

So this one should be up with the park pics, but I don't feel like bothering with it. Isn't he a happy 5month old? Especially for someone about to get a tooth?!
Practicing with Daddy a few days ago...

And... Tada! The proof copy of my book came in the mail Saturday! So I got Hubby to take my pic with it. I have to go through this with a red pen (and a fine tooth comb) to find any printing errors, then return it so they can make the changes and ... send it to print! That takes about another 4weeks, for those of you wondering! Oh, I hope all this is done in time for Christmas!
I also finished spinning a 170 yards of 2-ply yarn last night, and am very excited about setting the twist and making something with it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back from the Big Blue Wet Thing

We had such a great time visiting my home town! The boys (including the dog) did great on the plane...

Not bad for a self-portrait, eh?

So here's LB with his Pappy (and his Pappy's hat).... he didn't seem to mind his life jacket much at all this trip, as LB's figured out how much fun comes with it!

Here's BB on the beach with Nana, having something to eat on our own private island...

Mmmm... Anchor line anyone?

We had a great time "swim-n" as BB puts it, cruising on the boat, playing fetch with Dixie, eating cheesecake, etc. Uncle K came by and horsed around with BB so BB's now thinks Uncle K's the greatest thing since peanut butter. He's having a time adjusting to being back here with no beach and no swim-n, not to mention no attention from Nana and Pappy. Mama just doesn't cut it next to all the grands, no matter where they live!

Since we've been back I've heard from the audio book department, and the girl reading my book sent me a few audio pages to listen to today! That was really exciting!

LB is also trying his darndest to crawl (could someone please point out to him that he is only 5 months old?) and is getting into all kinds of things, even though he hasn't mastered the technique yet... what trouble I am in once he does!

Gotta run! Getting the boys ready for bed, and then I need to exercise and there's some spinning fiber calling my name...