Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Boys' First Hike

Lindsay, L, M, the two dogs (Lindsay has one now), and I went hiking this morning. It was so much fun! Me and the boys wore the shirts we tie-dyed for a science project Monday night. Between wearing his new shirt and the hiking, L was way past being excited. We did a bit less than two miles, and took our rugged little Jeep stroller for M. Pushing him over the slightly rough terrain was actually easier than carrying his 25.6 pounds, plus he walked part of the ways.

What possessed me to leave the camera at home when I actually had someone there who could have taken our pics is beyond me.

I did get a shot of our handy work though...

So, this is not the most flattering shot for either of the boys, but for once I think I look pretty good in it (considering I had ten seconds to collect both of them and wrastle (yes, spelling is intentional there) both of them into position before the flash went off).

I have collected some other really cute shots since we got back, but as it made more sense to let the vacation pics roll first, I'll get them up for you soon, and get everyone caught up with life here!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ft. Pierce Fun - Part 5

This is one of those times that pics just don't capture the moment! Pappy found a volley ball, and me and L were playing keep away! I mean, we had soooo much fun!

M wanting a piece of the action.

And back at it again! It was AWESOME! While I know L probably won't remember it when he's grown, I sure hope I can hold on to the moment!

Lunch on the bow...

M attempting to educate his uncle in the field of Legos (tee hee-if he only knew).

Uncle Kevin introduces L to fireworks... He started with the sparklers and ended with an actual blow-up-at-its-zenith rocket!

All dressed up for church (or at least, our version of dressed up)!

We had such a great time!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ft. Pierce Fun - Part 4

M's saddest moment on our trip - he pinched the inside of his thigh on a toy -

And back to his normal self...

Wow! While we were there Pappy hung the swing that Nana's daddy had built. It was at the Riva in VA for the longest time, and last summer, when Lindsay helped us drive down, we stopped and picked it up on the way. Nana restored it, and here it is!

I love this! We pulled up to play on a rapidly disappearing sandbar one day! You instantly sink two or three inches into the sand (this one never dries out properly), but it is what we call "clean," which means very little (if any) seaweed, etc. growing around where you're walking/playing/swimming.

See? M doesn't know to keep moving his feet every few seconds, and so his have sunk clear up to his ankles!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ft. Pierce Fun - Part 3

L turns Four!
What an exciting day!
It was strange to spend it without Daddy though, as it was his 34th birthday. L had so much fun. He had a sailboat cake (made & decorated by Nana and Pappy)...

...a long wait till after church to eat the cake...

...chocalate ice cream (of which he ate less than you'd think)... Elmo balloon that actually sang the Birthday Song...

...lunch with Gram and Grampy...
...the kindness to actually let his baby brother help open his presents, without anyone asking him to do so (big smile from Mommy)...

...and a cool fire truck to play with, along with a good night's sleep!

Happy Birthday to L! And Happy Birthday to Daddy, too!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ft. Pierce Fun - Part 2

Here are some fun shots of one of my favorite activities! I wish there were some of us in the surf, but those are a bit harder to collect without breaking the camera!

Check out that sky...

Celebrating the 4th of July - we had fun in our patriotic shirts and loved waving our flags. We later went to a bar-b-que at Becca's house, which was tons of fun, and they gave us some sparklers to play with (on a later day), since they had extras!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ft. Pierce Fun - Part 1

What a great time we had in Ft. Pierce! The kids came home a lovely shade of brown, and I earned a few extra freckles, and my hair lightened a bit! Sigh - almost blonde again! So this is the view I commonly have of M. He slo-mo crashes into me, wraps his arms tightly around my legs, and then looks up at me like this:

How could you not love that?! Nana, L, M and I went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was the boys first trip, and went soooo well! My best friend from high school's brother works there, and he got us tickets for free! Nana got us a nice hotel room (hey, easier to do when you have FREE TICKETS, right?), and we had sooo much fun in the pool, slept well, and then went to Animal Kingdom the next day. We only took one camera into the park, so Nana has all those pics, but I'm sure she'll get them to me, so I can share!

Everybody ready? Jackets on? Sunscreen? Great! Let's go! The beach is wonderful. Private island beach? Even better...One of 2 dozen hermit crabs that we later added to Nana & Pappy's salt water tank...

Mangroves. My second favorite tree (First is the Frangie Pangie (how do you spell that?)).

Be back with more soon!