Thursday, May 29, 2008


Nana emailed a handful of pics to us this morning, of her garden growing and of Pappy's finished boat hull he was building, and L went nuts. We had to immediately, and I mean, right-that-moment, call her and talk at 100 MPH about that garden and that boat. It was very funny!

Blogger has been acting funny lately. I've tried several times to put the video I shot of him on the phone on here, and that won't work, plus it keeps refusing to put a space between my little paragraphs at random times. See? No matter how many times I hit return, when I post this, it'll all be run together! Okay, so look, I actually had to edit the HTML code to get it to seperate - what's going on with this thing?

Anyways, I was wondering... just about the "old" writers. The ones who lived before TV was our (let's just face it) main form of entertainment. Look at the huge, massive, amazing quantities of work they got done. I'm sure other people back then did just as much (probably more, cause even Roald Dahl only wrote for up to 4 hours a day, and he considered himself slow yet still a 'disciplined writer'), they just didn't have the pass-it-down-written-legacy for all the world to see.

I mean, these people literally cranked out dozens of books. Now that was always over decades. But it just makes me wonder... what would happen if we just turned it off?
I mean, I don't necessarily find staring at the computer very inspiring, so I just went and got a spiral legal pad. Between yesterday and today, I probably spent three hours writing, and it felt like a breeze, not something I was making myself do (my general feeling at the keyboard).

And one other thing - did you know that L. Frank Baum churned out 14 books in his Oz series? FOURTEEN! The Wizard of Oz was just the first...

Life of a Small Time Author

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is It Rest Time Yet?

Generally speaking, this is how my boys are... laughing, stealing kisses from Aunt Lindsay, banging on things to make music... you get the idea. Here are a couple of cute pics from the last couple of days:

And then there's today.

It's one of those days. You know 'em. The days when every single kid has woken up in a deplorable mood, moping around like that kid from the book The Very Bad, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, or whatever it's called.

Here's a little sample for you:

And here's another:
Moma - "Are you coming out today?"
L - "Oh kaa yuh... I poo poo. No paint poo."
Moma - "Let's get you cleaned up....(M crying on my hip) Okay, now I'll set the bell and you go in your room for timeout --"
L - "Nnnooooooo.... I doan wanna..."
Moma - "You know you have to, that's what happens when you poop in your pants."
L - "Nnnooo..."
The "no" fades as he runs off to his room. The bell rings, time out's over, and he returns. The rest of the morning goes:
Moma - "Okay, it's time to _____."
L - "Nnnnooooo, I doan wanna _____."
Moma - "Well, you have to."
I doan wanna go Bible Time. I doan wanna shoes... No, dis way, dis donut store. I doan wanna hold hand. I doan wanna go home, go Bible Time... I doan wanna... I doan wanna... I doan...
You can all be so proud of me - I haven't caved on anything (that I know of), nor have I lost it! People stared at me in the store and in the parking lot, but I very nicely stated my demands (holding hands is not an option in the parking lot!), and L complied behaviouraly, if not verbally!
I had to laugh at him though - as we were approaching the doors to head back out to the parking lot, he looked up at me and stated, "No hold hand. Hold arm," and lifted his arm up for me to take hold of. I laughed, took a light hold of his arm, and we trotted off into traffic.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mama's Little Helpers

So, let's start with M, helping himself to some colored Cheerios. He is also helping to feed Chewie...

Very. Serious. Helping. L announced that these movies needed to go to our new house, so he found a box and started packing. It was pretty funny watching him shift them around to see which way they fit "best."

M helping too. He has enjoyed carting boxes around the house (some loaded with toys and some empty), especially the ones Daddy found that have little handles on them. Both of the boys are in box heaven. L is struggling a bit to exert some form of control over our current chaos, but they both seem to be doing well.

Of course, our little chunky monkey has been getting into some tight spaces. He loves this one, but it's too tight a fit to turn around, so he gets to wailing when he can't get back out!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Week of Pics - Thursday

So ~ announcement time! Some new housing has opened up within Camp, and Hubby and I have the opportunity to rent it. Sunday night we found out that we're moving, and so we've spent the last three days packing so that we could be moved Thursday or Friday and summer staff could start moving into our current home.
Me and the boys went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and a turn on the playground, and they gave the boys free balloons...

It got up to nearly 70 degrees for a little while, so the boys made it out onto the porch for a bit. I made a mad dash for the camera when M started drawing on his big brother. Very shortly after this they darted back inside, L shouting "Is code outtide!"

We had some friends come over this afternoon and help us with a bit of packing, which was wonderful. And then we hit a bit of a snag. Got a message from a message saying our new place isn't ready, and might not be until next week. Ayah.

Guess I've done too good of a job packing...

Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week of Pics - Wednesday

And because everyone should have real-life photos - not just the happy posed ones! I tried to get the full-blown, forehead-on-the-floor tantrum, but wasn't quick enough!

The Boys' First Home: A Photographic Essay

Monday, May 19, 2008

Week of Pics - Monday

New Things...
L's first go with scissors...

The twins: Bill & Charlie

Bill has green eyes and belongs to M, Charlie has brown eyes and belongs to L...

M chews on the last bit of daddy's rib dinner...

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Photo Goal

All right ~ I've been wanting to try this for a while, so maybe if I put it out there it I'll do it! Next week, my goal is to show our week in pictures by putting up one shot a day! We'll see how this goes! Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bob the Builder

"He's ike Bob Builder!" shouted L upon seeing his daddy weilding a chainsaw and sporting ear-muffs. They watched the tree chopping forever! See how M is up on his toes to get the best view possible?

Yep - what was trying to grow has bit the dust...

But hey, it's not everyday we get to see a chainsaw in action!