Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here we are having a healthy dinner! Well, at least three of us were (BB just likes to watch...I suppose someday he will get hungry and eat the good food I keep putting in front of him). LB loves using his new top tooth (that makes three, and he's apparently working on a fourth, judging by the fact that he woke up 8 times in 12 hours last night).

We had a visit from one of those "Flat Stanleys" a few days ago. You're supposed to send the owner a phot of Stanley's visit or a postcard, so I had this pic made into a postcard and mailed it to the girl who owns it. Then we sent Stanley on to the Philippines...

Sorry about the sideways photo, I forgot to turn it b4 uploading. BB was chilling out for a few minutes, which was nice cause Mommy's been sick (as has LB and now Daddy). It's been a mild cold, but LB and I just can't seem to shake the boogies! Today BB seems to be getting them too...I even had to give him his own booger rag (hankercheif)!

Yesterday we took some of BB's pennies up to the Fractured Prune and he got to buy a donut with the money he's made from being a good listener. I think it really enforced the whole concept... We also had Blue Day, which was lots of fun. BB had blue yogurt, wore blue clothes (so did mommy and daddy!) and played with blue playdoh (after LB went to bed).

The boys have been pretty good about the sniffles, though we've been pretty mellow all week. Today we're going to try and have lunch with a friend who's in town (from overseas), and this weekend we have a wedding to go to. Hoping to beat this soon!

Maybe if it were 80?

Yeah, well, if wishes were fishes, we'd all be fishermen.

Have a great week everybody! Oh, and next week's entry might be delayed, as Nana will be visiting over the weekend, and I want to include those photos!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brotherly Love & Bribery, Er, Payment

First, the Bribery - I got tired of BB's attitude towards naps and bedtime. He will go, and has gone, to his room for nearly 3 yrs very well. But the last several months, arguing and screaming and NO! have gone from occasional to normal.
No more! I cleaned out a jar, put his name on it, washed a ton of pennies and put them in a blue cup, then explained to BB that I would be giving him pennies when he does the things I ask, like going to his room at rest-time.
Lo and Behold - screaming, whining, and battling have faded back to occasional! Thank you God for Creative Correction!

The rest of our photos are just boys being boys...

These two are a result of BB's fascination with my taking photos, and wanting everyone to be included... Love to all, gotta run!