Sunday, March 16, 2008

What A Weekend!

Sooo, we were cruising along, having so much fun on Friday. Curiously, none of us were very hungry.

Lindsay came and played with us! We had fun without no fuss!
We jumped in boxes, laughed and played...
Just the same as any other day...

But that night the tummy bug came to stay :(

The bug grabbed L, grabbed him quick,

Mommy was the next one bit,

A few more night hours came and went,

To find both M and Daddy spent,

Now we rest and recover

For tomorrow there's planes to discover!

Not sure when I'll be able to post again, at least till we get back from our trip! Happy Easter to all! God bless!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fun for Mommy

Okay, so I had a ton of fun yesterday! M's 6th tooth finally broke the gumline, so he's back to his old self, exploring and tearing through the house at a rate that would wear out his brother!

I used the day to do some sewing! Not pictured is the bathrobe/pajama robe I made for myself. By far the most complicated pattern I've tried (that was quite a surprise), and I'm pleased with how it turned out, inspite of my horrid machine. I've done some looking online, and apparently most of the basic Kenmore sewing machines are great, but there was a few years where the models give people problems. Guess who bought hers during that time frame?

At one point, as I was picking out the 46 random loops that suddenly appeared on the bottom of my project (which just happened to be the RIGHT side), I came very close to throwing the whole thing off the balcony. Very close. Very, very, well, you get the idea!
Personally, I think it would be lovely if my whole family decided to get together and get me a new machine for Christmas, just an idea for all of you out there. I could pick out the machine and everything.
Anyways, I made these tiny little shoes for M (L thought they were for Jack at first, but even Jack's feet are too tiny - being an inch long). Here they are with the bag I made the other week.

The pair on the right are kinda snug and fit him now, the pair on the left I made a little bit bigger, for his next pair of shoes. I am so pleased with these! Totally cute, easy to make, and comfy. M was soooo excited when I put them on, and made no efforts to pull them off (complete opposite of L's first reaction to those hard-soled things he had).
Well, heading to Ft. Pierce on Monday! Can't wait! I've been getting all my stuff together for the school Author Visits I'm doing, and going to pack this weekend!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Forts & Jack

We had lots of simple, little boy fun this week! We've played in all kinds of forts, which both of the boys really enjoyed. L's really enjoyed playing with Jack this week (the little guy in the picture with M). Jack has said "Good Morning" to mommy, gone potty (in the tub, funnily enough), eaten lunch, drank milk, worn a seatbelt, etc. It's been great to watch L pretending, and his speech actually becomes slightly clearer when he's "talking" for Jack!
He also spent lots of time "fixing" daddy's boo-boo's.
M has been getting up and going up to 5 ft! He is soooo an I-can-do-it kid! Never wants me to hold his hands and help him walk - he'd rather go his couple of feet and then drop down to his knees if he can't make it the whole way! So independent! True to Gramma's predictions, he is already turning into quite the climber.
Unfortunately, Google is having some kind of issues. After 3 failed attempts to upload this weeks pictures, I am giving up!
Hope y'all have a great week!