Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Day!

What a fun week! Just did "normal" things, but we also had a few good pow-wows! I made an indian headband for BB, got a couple good pics of LB in it too(while BB was sleeping). We ran around and danced to the song about indians from - yep, you guessed it - Peter Pan!

The pediatrician said LB might just not be interested in being spoon-fed (he just doesn't open his mouth at all) , but not to worry, he'd "be able to feed himself at 7-months!" So after some thought (there are just too many healthy things in all that baby food I made to skip it - plus it's so convenient to use), I went and picked up this little strainer thing. You can put the food in still frozen in cubes (good for teething), or I've also been mixing in rice cereal so it's pretty thick and filling up his little strainer. LB really seems to like it, and this way he's developing a taste for all that yummy produce! He also tried a regular little bite of my homemade bread today, and really seemed to like it!
Update on the Peter Pan room for BB: I got Tink's colors mostly done, was waiting to outlin her skin till I got Peter's flesh done...

And here's Peter... Lindsay came over Saturday and painted Peter's hair and the tree I drew on the wall. BB was so excited, he knew that tree was the one where Peter and the Lost Boys live (even though I'm going to give it some leaves - on the movie they live in a dead one with a noose called "Hangman's Tree). Next step is to finish the details on Peter, outline the flesh on him and Tink, and then put some greens on the tree.

BB's having such a fun time with it, and requested the croc, Captain "Cook," Michael's bear, and a picture of Michael and John play-swordfighting. It's all going so well, I plan to keep adding to it (one thing at a time)...
Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Peter Pan

What a better week! Everyone seems to be feeling better now, and we've been having lots of fun! BB is infatuated with Peter Pan (singing, dancing like the indians, acting out portions of it, etc.), so this week Lindsay helped me transfer some coloring pages I blew up onto BB's walls, and I started painting. BB was blown out of the water! Here's the work in progress on the big pirate ship (left the palm trees for later)...

LB on the move! He has completely perfected the I-can-get-to-sitting-by-myself and quickly moved to the I-bet-I-can-pull-up-on-this stage. He's taken some tumbles, but nothing a kiss and a cuddle can't cure!

BB, hard at play! He loves the pirates, indians, lost boys, Peter, Tink... the whole thing! Having a rough time with the whole "sharing" thing - I mean, isn't everything mine? See the pile of stuff on the right? That started as a tunnel, and turned into a place to hide things from LB... I know all kids go through this, so we've just been using it as a good opportunity to teach BB a lot of things (sharing, boundaries, being obedient, and on and on).
These are the next two pictures for BB's room - Peter and Tinkerbell. He's really excited about them!

Oh - and this Friday will be Yellow Day! Have a great week everyone!