Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas is Coming...

Well, having just celebrated Aunt Lindsay's birthday, that means it is the time of year I officially have to start thinking about Christmas! As the Mama it is my duty to be ready when friends and family ask if there's anything special we're looking for, and then be sure to coordinate stuff so we don't get 4 copies of the same gift!
So, in answer to this I've started a second blog, the Travis Family Wish List. There are no photos, but plenty of links and it organizes the whole thing rather well.
I especially love the label feature! In the left hand column there are labels you can click on. If you want to look for educational gifts, click the label and it will display all the gift ideas for that category. Whether you're looking for something for the whole family, for both boys, or books we'd like to own, simply click on the label and it will bring up the right items for you!
If you decide to get something for our family from the Wish List, please leave a comment under that gift's post, or email me to let me know. I will then mark the item as being taken, to avoid duplicates.
I will be maintaining the list, so that family can check it for other occasions, such as birthdays.

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