Friday, August 13, 2010

while I was sleeping

I had a rough night the other night.  Sleep-wise.  That resulted in my passing out on the couch while the baby slept.  When I woke, I found that the boys had been very busy - not to mention, very quiet!  Levi had made this amazing safari (see the drawings of the Jeep and the plane?), and Micah had finished the worksheets he had asked for.  He did a great job on the coloring, but spilled some water on it (he doesn't care, there still needs to be a picture of it).  And can you believe his tracing?  Writing is going to be so much easier for him than it is for Levi...

To kind of make up for my napping, we had fun making a mobile for Eve together.

Oh, and Micah said the funniest thing the other day.  Problem is, I don't think it's post-able.  You'll just have to ask me in person (I swear it's G-rated, just not something I'm going to put on the internet)!

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