Monday, April 4, 2011


     This weekend was fun and busy and full of little moments.  Want to see? 

There was...
* Time well spent with friends and a chance to use up the last of a yummy gift card we'd been given
 * Amazing Lego scenes set up (and taken down, and set up...)
* A babe trying to use her big brother's car as a push cart
* Time with one of the basement boys!
* A fun session where the Papa chased the Mama around with the camera, trying to catch her messy, just-eaten-buffalo-wings face (he did not succeed)
* Sewing!
* Time to fiddle around with some of my thoughts towards this blog and my little etsy shop (there was sketching of new toys, and the tossing thoughts around about re-naming this here little blog (I just need something that I really love))
* An awesome service at church: check out the Jesus Files (click the I'd Like to Hear button)
* House-hunting!  Or should I say cottage hunting?
* Knitting of course!  Nothing big, just a few simple washcloths to replace some of the very well-loved (read: used) ones that I keep in the kitchen.
* And last of all, one sweet little boy who realized he was feeling pretty crummy at the last hour of the weekend.

     Yes, over-all it was a wonderful and full weekend.  Even that last little part gives this Mama a chance to hold and love and serve.  If I'm not in this spot tomorrow, you'll know what I'll be doing.

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