Friday, December 18, 2009

the mummification of bears

What's that you say? You didn't realize that mummification was still happening in this age? Well, I have news for you, it totally is. For our last day of school, before the holidays, we mummified some toys. We pretended the bears were little pharoahs, walking around, and then they got sick and passed away. We "tended" to open them up and put their organs away - minus the brain - that got sucked out your nose and tossed in the trash because the ancient Egyptians didn't think it important! After that we soaked them in oils and waited, waited, waited a month or so, before washing off the little pharoah bears and wrapping them in linen, er... toilet paper.

The boys were not content with stopping there, and we went and found a couple of boxes to use for each pharoah's sarcophagus. The boys put food, entertainment, and treasure in there too, and then they put lids on the boxes and we shoved them into tombs in the Valley of the Kings (our couch). We had a giggle over the fact that it would be silly trying to take all that stuff with you to heaven, since Father God has better stuff waiting for us when we get there.

For something so simple, both boys were totally thrilled with this, and when it came time to pick some things to take to rest time, they both grabbed their mummies!

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