Monday, December 21, 2009


When I was a kid, our Aunt Cooka always sent us a big box, filled with amazing goodies, and it always arrived well before Christmas. My mother - wisely - let us open them when they were delivered, often within 5 minutes of the UPS man honking to let us know there was a package out by the gate!
So now that my kids have their Nana & Pappy sending them things, I let them open them right up! They both got to open one package, right away, and then we opened the rest in front of the web cam, once Nana & Pappy were home for the evening!

They both received some wonderful, creativity-building gifts, and have been enjoying them thoroughly. I love spreading out the gifts. For one thing, it gives kids time to enjoy each present, rather than being overwhelmed by a ridiculous pile (not to mention expecting that kind of pile every year). I totally see the idea behind spreading out Hanuka gifts!

We've been having such fun, mama-sons time on our break, and it's gotten me to thinking: Everyone always oohs and aahs about the fact that Jesus chose Mary to be His mother. But you know what? He didn't just choose her, he made her to be His mother. Back before the universe was started, He looked ahead and planned out her every relative, neighbor, every childhood experience, everything that would make her who she would be the day the angel came to tell her the good news - right down to the texture of her hair and complexion of her skin.

And that same Creator, looked ahead, His heart full to bursting, and planned me for my boys too.

That'll turn your head for a spin, won't it?


Anonymous said...

You just gave me the best present anyone could receive!

Anonymous said...

can we clone you? We need MORE Momma's like you in America! In the world for that matter!!!
God Bless you for blessing your family!

Heavenly Hugs, Aunt C :)