Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our First Freezer Paper Artwork

Nana also brought some fabric paint and canvas bags for some fun crafting time. We got some freezer paper and tried SouleMama's approach, which I read about in The Creative Family. It was awesome! The kids can actually do their own painting, and it comes out looking really great (which is a plus if you're investing in fabric paint and canvas bags)! I cut their patterns while they took their rests, ironed them onto the bags, and then taped the whole thing down to the table. Here I am working on mine (a little one-floor school house, which L declared, "That's our house!")...

When the boys got up they were eager to get to painting! M used a variety of colors, and needed a bit of help!

Here's L carefully removing the paint from his hands. He is always so cautious when we first start a messy project. After that he chose to paint with blue, blue, and blue (no surprise there!)!

We put them somewhere safe to dry, and then chilled out for the night!

Here we are the next morning checking out M's dry project.
We peeled off the freezer paper together....

And this is what we got! It turned out so great!

Here we are with L's bag...

I'd say he's proud of himself, what do you think?

And here's our finished bags, all lined up. We are going to use them for library books and road-trips! Thanks for the materials Nana!

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