Thursday, November 20, 2008

Preschool Fun - Paper Bag Turkey

To make your own turkey you will need:
-2 paper bags
-construction paper
-old newspaper
-2 pieces of string (about 12" each)
-paper towel tube
-"feathers" (leaves, paper cut-outs, etc)
  1. Cut out features (your child can do this if capable). You will need 2 eyes, 2 pupils, 1 beak (cut out a diamond and fold in half), 2 large wings, 1 red gobble (I forgot mine!) and 2 feet (they don't have to be perfect - you just need some bird toes sticking out from under the turkey!)
  2. Crumple newspaper and use to stuff both paper bags. One bag will be the body and one the head.
  3. Stick the paper towel roll into the "body" bag. Gather the edge of the bag around the roll, and use a piece of string to tie it shut. The paper towel roll will support the head, but will not show when you are finished
  4. Invert the open "head" bag and set it down over the body and paper towel roll. Be careful not to lose all your stuffing! Gather the edges around the "neck," and use your other piece of string to tie it closed. He's starting to look like a turkey now!
  5. Now you can glue on the turkey's features. You may need to lay him down while the glue dries. We save the feathers for last, and your kids can put on as many or as few feathers as they like. I once cut out their handprints for the feathers. It looked really cool, but took a lot of time. This year we used fall leaves.

Give your turkey a name and a nice place to sit! Promise not to eat him for thanksgiving!!!

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