Tuesday, January 6, 2009

wow - I've really missed my blog!

Wow! what a trip! I have tons of pics to share with everyone, starting with our roadtrip from Maryland to southern Florida. Here we are being sweet with Chewie just before our departure...

And we're off!

Here's my little mobile bendy-doll work station...
So, on the way down we thought it'd be best to stop for the night at a hotel. It was, er, interesting. They didn't have the crib we had requested, so we put a mattress on the floor so we wouldn't have to worry about M falling. We watched one of our movies (since the boys had gone the whole day in the car entertaining themselves!), and did some "exercising."
And we ate dinner in our room. And then we didn't sleep. Around midnight I was laying on the mattress with M, who literally picks himself up and throws himself onto you in his sleep, and I was thinking that if we'd stayed in the car we'd have reached our destination by then!

Yeah, let's just say we learned from that trip, and drove straight through on the way back! The boys were really good though, and we had lots of fun (like I said, we didn't even break out the DVD player till the second day)!

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