Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Dressed Up"

So, I knew something was up, but my foggy morning brain just wasn't clueing in when Levi waltzed in and announced that he had gotten "dressed up" with a grin that I knew that meant he was up to mischieft. I hugged him and looked him over. He had woken up and changed into play clothes, but the grin and the "dressed up" bit just weren't adding up, because we use that phrase for costumes - you know, pirates and things... I stared at him for a little while, until it finally clicked.
"Are you wearing Micah's clothes?" I asked, incredulous. He beamed at me; I had finally gotten the joke. We laughed for a while, as he pretended to be his brother, and then went to put on his stuff.
Personally, I haven't the faintest idea where all this silliness comes from, I am the very model of serenity... (she types, stiffling a smirk and giggle)
I think it would be a good moment to point out that the score now stands 1 for Daddy and 1 for Mama. Micah loves to go in the store (with Daddy, Nana, whoever), while Levi is content to wait in the car (never alone, of course). Poor kid - I am going to have to try and be more chipper about shopping, or he'll be limited to a lifetime of online purchases (because the world is either going to get even more technical and convenient, or else it's going to overload and he'll be hunting for his food - either way, he'll be prepared)!

Later, Micah had a ton of fun helping Nana decorate the pizza!

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