Thursday, July 2, 2009

Early Birthday for Daddy

What a day! We went up to Baugher's Orchard and Farm, and that place is amazing! My new favorite u-pick/market place. They have wooden trains & playsets to play on (there were these two bigger kids who were soooo nice to my boys - the place is crawling with kids, in a good way), and tons of plants you can purchase at great prices (along with jams & jellies galore). They have a great tractor ride (with school bus seats mounted on the trailer - way cool) that takes you out to the fields. We were lucky to find out that our visit was the last day to pick strawberries!

Of course, the one time Daddy's phone rang was while I was snapping their photo...

We played for a bit and then went for a tractor ride out to the strawberry fields, which smelled divine (not as heavenly as orange blossums, but wonderful in their own right)! M wanted me to hold him close, to protect him, and tucked in just so he was able to love the ride. L, of course, did too! Two of these pics are almost the same, except for who they flatter the most, so I included them both!
And on to the serious work of berry picking...

Egad! My legs seriously need a little Florida sunshine - soon to be remedied, I tell you!
After that we went and meandered through their market, and then had lunch together (Baugher's also has a family restaurant). The boys were wonderful, and it was a great chunk of family time together! We spent the day before at the B&O RR museum, but the pics of that are on Daddy's phone. Just squeezing in every precious family moment we can get before our big drive to Ft. Pierce this week (praise the Lord for help - Nana's joining us for the drive).

I cannot believe that the year is half-way over, can you?

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