Monday, March 8, 2010

our weekend

So at the start of the weekend, I needed a little fun, so I grabbed some scraps and sat down at the sewing machine. I've been wanting to make a bag to keep the clothespins in for a long, long time, so this was something fun & functional to whip up. Plus it was all scraps, and I love the feeling of making something from a thing that could have found itself in the trash!

And here's some further evidence that my kids are ready for warm weather - this is Micah, sitting in his "pool."

And my latest project, a sweater for moi, from the super fine marino wool Nana got me for Christmas. I loved the simple, rolled-hem look, but realized that was not going to work with this yarn! It rolls up all right, nearly three inches! Frankly, I'm a bit too lazy to knit three extra inches that won't be seen, and I was totally picturing myself tugging at the hem everytime I wore it, so I needed another solution...

And that is one of the beautiful things about knitting, you can change it so easily! So I grabbed another skein and started some lace around the bottom hem. I think it's going to really make my sweater special. In case you're wondering, I'm following Elizabeth Zimmerman's basic idea for a seamless sweater.

And here's the boys, sneaking in frame (as usual). They spent hours playing with (ahem, and disecting) the butterfly Micah made at church this morning. I'm starting to think we should just make all our toys! Or buy things that are handmade! (Can I just throw in how much I love Micah's squinty, smile-for-the-camera expression)

And we've been snacking on fruit around here, so I made some yummy, creamy fruit dip. Micah has finally convinced his big brother of the value of a mixer beater...

Hope your weekend was full of special moments too!

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