Friday, March 26, 2010

quick "little" projects

Pappy is something else. There's an old, hand-me-down trike here, for Micah to play with, but there's no tork to it, so even though he knows what to do, Micah can't ever get it rolling.
So what does his Pappy do? Walks out to the pole barn, we hear some sawing and hammering, and he comes back with a push-bar for his grandson, who is thrilled with it.

(Ahem, this is him not getting anywhere, just before Pappy finished the pushbar)

Yeah. AND THEN Levi questions Pappy about that tree house he's been dreaming of, and Pappy goes back to the pole barn and gathers up a few things. A couple hours later, the boys have your basic, totally cool, crow's nest!

Crazy wonderful, isn't he?

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