Monday, March 1, 2010

bright idea: turn clip

How about it Mama? Do you remember the all important answer to the question of the day (all day, every day)???
Do you know whose turn it is?!?
Gasp! Could it be all those turns haved blurred your brain into mush? Like mine?
Well, if that's true, then you need a Turn Clip.

Grab some permanent markers. You will need a different color for each kid. You will also need a clothespin. Since you've already admitted the mushed-out state of your gray matter, I will add that if you have three or four kids, you will need another clothespin (unless of course they are too little to yet care whose turn it is).

Now, write a name on each side, along with a big splash of color so everyone can easily see whose color is showing....
Flip it over and write another name on the other side. Keep in mind that even Sharpies have a tendancy to bleed a little on wood, and that pudgy, two year old fingers have a tendancy to blur ink. This is not important. It is more important that your kid gets to pick out his color and sit right there to make sure you do it right (you can let them do it themselves, if you're one of those really brave types who lets their littles anywhere near the permanent markers).

Now, if you're a goober like me, you'll make the kids think the Turn Clip is even more important by taking pictures of the silly thing. This is what happens when your two year old creeps in as close as possible, to help you model the piece of wood that has now become the ultimate authority over whose turn it is...

You can totally skip the whole photo shoot and go put the Turn Clip somewhere that turns are a big deal. Like, oh, say... the family vehicle. Ours is stuck to my sun visor, because of the eternal question: "Whose turn is it to get in/out first?"
Since I have other things to think about, like, you know -- driving, all I have to do is point to the Clip. See? It's not my fault it's not your turn, the Turn Clip says it's his turn...

Do yourself a favor. Don't flip the thing over every single time someone climbs in and out of the car (or does whatever it is you're keeping track of). Give somebody the whole day. They get to feel really special, and the other kid(s) get to practice patience and putting others first.

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