Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Visit to Gramma & Grampa's - Part Two

So we left sleeping M with Gramma & Grampa, and had a great adventure with L! We went to this place called Panama Rocks (DH used to go there when he was a teen), where you can crawl up through all these crevices (some are rather a tight fit) as you hike around a 1-mile loop. L was very cautious at first, but after a while he grew more and more brave (as usual), and Daddy really loved watching his little guy be so bold!

Okay, in all honesty, I didn't go much further than this... I had my chunky hiking boots on, and it was mossy & damp-ish, but it is such a cool picture, that I couldn't resist! I wanted to take my shoes off and keep going, but how do you explain that to a four-year old?

Here I did go off on my own, over a rock and down a crack that was too big of a drop-off for L , so he and Daddy met me on the other side!

Somebody loves me...

We finished off the day with ice cream! L and I had chocolate, Daddy had peanut butter! Mmmm!
If anyone's looking for a grand way to spend 3 million dollars, Panama Rocks is for sale. It's very, very beautiful, but as the trees were already turning and it was still August (August!), it would be a rather cold place part of the year, but oh so lovely!


Grandpa E said...

Sure looks like you all had wonderful time. Glad you came up and enjoyed the great outdoors.

Gramma S said...

So how are the twins??? Enjoyed the bubble pictures!
School sure looked like a lot of fun for both boys---keep up the good work!!!