Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, with all this "work" L and I have been doing on his motor skills, he's finally been willing to put those lines and circles together and try to draw some things! This is our second exciting display, so I thought I'd post it. I drew bits and pieces of Daddy and he followed along, then did the others with my verbal encouragement!

L also had his first speech therapy session today, and had a great time. It's a very small group (which is what he functions well in), and Ms. F said he was wonderful, and did extremely well (following directions, staying on task, keeping focused, and being social), so much that it she said it was not like a first day at all (having experienced so many first days at my old preschool, I am really pleased with this)! Not only did I get to hear about how great he acted, but she was also shocked at how interested he was in trying to read their words for the day and that he was sounding out the letters.

We really have done so much with our little learning time! I feel great!

PS - In order to limit confusion, I've decided to keep calling our family school stuff "school" and call speech, "speech" because we will be adding motor skills soon, and it will be a different teacher. Silly, I know, but this way when you Greats and Grands read this, you'll have a better chance of talking with L about it!

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