Monday, September 8, 2008


Last couple of days have seemed a whirlwind, and I'm not really even sure why. We've been living at both extremes - having tons of fun and having battles too - which I suppose adds up to the whirlwind feeling.

Here I am getting a haircut (with a saw) and being a mountain road.

Now, L is such a riot! He is so silly about this kind of thing, and he wanted me to "Take Ebi picture mommy!" Of course I obliged, and then he dissolved into peals of laughter when I showed it to him!

Sigh - a sweet moment. Don't I have handsome sons?

Okay, moment's over. Back in action!

Today we played knights and pirates - sooooo much fun! We brought out all the swords (and sword-like objects), and the three of us had a riotous time! I love this action shot...

The littlest knight has gone off to rest-time, and Sir L begged for some extra school time (as we had such an amazing time labeling things around the house this morning! L was sounding out words, and begging for more. Later he drug Lindsay around the house pointing out "buh-books" and "kuh-keys" as proud as can be of his ability to sound out the first letters from the labels!). So I indulged him and we went to to do some more phonics. The picture doesn't quite cover the moment, but I adored it: sword resting quietly while boy brain whirs...
And here we are ready for bed, still bearing swords, but now riding his horse (which I went and found for him after he was trying to make other things into a horse). We got this cute thing at IKEA for $5.00 a long time ago, and had it packed away long enough that he was really excited to see Horse, gallop about the house, and shout "Neigh!"
Well, my little whirling dervishes are sleeping now, and I hope you have a peaceful night too!

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