Wednesday, January 6, 2010

art, hugs, and crafts

Sometimes Levi and I do his art projects while his brother's resting. I drew the outline of the fish and he cut it out and then I had to do the holes. Then Levi oh-so-seriously taped down our bits of tissue paper all across the back. He was thrilled with the results when we flipped that fish over and hung it in the sunlight!
Later we had a cuddle after everyone had gotten their p.j.'s on, at Micah's insistence. He was hoping to convince his Mama that he could just rest on the couch with her all night (hardy, har, har)...

And here's my big boy, testing out his new mama-made vest that he insisted I needed to make him. We never wore anything like these growing up in south Florida, but around here, they're just perfect for keeping in the warmth without adding another hulking layer. He seems to like them, at least, and wore his to Tuesday church, proudly showing it off to the woman greeting us at the door.

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