Friday, February 26, 2010

art friday

I gathered up some of the artwork Levi has been doing this week. During one of our art lessons, I told Levi how learning to copy what you see takes practice, but all you have to do is see the shapes and copy them. He's been practicing, and practicing, and has made so much progress!
Here's the whole family on the Axiom, with Wall*E. Be sure to check out my baby bump...

Here's a silver mine, the kind worked by slaves in ancient Greece.

Some silly little robots from a magazine.

He spent three days on this one, adding things from memory to a sketch from a book. There's a mixer truck that's being loaded with sand and water. And there's a guy running a crane from the top, which he drew from memory of a construction sight near Nana & Pappy.

These are the squirrels from the other day. Poor, hungry, little things.

He is so proud of his sketch book. And loves getting a chance to show it to people.

And so do I.

PS - I know March doesn't start until Monday, but I had a few minutes to change things up, and thought I'd do it while I had the chance!

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Anthony said...

what about the cool star wars pictures