Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've been getting quite a lot of stitching done, while papa bear's out of town.  My main goal is some warmth for my hard-to-fit child, so I got enough material to make him 3 pairs of pants.

Ahem.  And something for a skirt I've been wanting to try forever, from Weekend Sewing.  The boys helped me pick it out, and it's beautiful.  I'm calling it my Motivation Skirt though.  You see, with Fall beginning, there was no point to making a skirt to fit my post-baby self now was there?  All that for something I might get to wear a handful of times?  I don't think so.  So I intentionally made it so that it won't fit right now, but if I take decent care of myself, I should be able to enjoy it come Spring (or, possibly even Summer - let's be realistic here).

And here's Eve, decked out from the waist down in her mama-made duds. 

And the pants?  Well, Micah wasn't sure at first.  They're corduroy, so at first he was thinking they were going to be the tight, fitted type that he abhors.  But he touched the fabric and saw how soft it was, just as Levi came in and cried, "Are those for me?"

Well, let's just say that settled that at once -ah, brotherly love - (Of course it also added another pair of pants to my sewing list).

So I've finished two pairs for Micah, and the third is just waiting for the special pockets before I finish stitching them up.  They were super easy.  I just cut them up, nearly the same as I did the bandana pants.  I did add some extra length though - the corduroy will cuff well, and it will give him room to grow over the next couple of seasons...
...I hope.

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affectioknit said...

All so cute! Scout has quit wearing Mama-mades except for jammies...