Monday, September 20, 2010


Oops - but first, a brief story...
Micah:  "Mama, do you want to come build trains with me?
Mama: "Oh, that sounds fun, but I need to spend just a couple minutes here with Jesus (and this cup of coffee), and then we need to eat so we can go to the lake."
Micah, with the air of one explaning the most obvious fact: "But Mama, you can come over here, and Jesus will come with you.  He is with you ev-wy where."

Well.  And on to the oops...
I like to keep this blog pretty positive, which is - I believe - a good thing, but sometimes it gives the impression that I have "ev-wy" thing together, which is laughable.

Point in case: I decided to try this recipe for carrot-tomato soup. It looked yummy.  It smelled yummy.  I even took a picture, thinking, wow, something to share on the blog!  

But, see, here's the thing.  While I was following the directions, I was thinking, there's no way these carrots will cook enough in that amount of time to puree down to a smooth texture.  But see, I'm not the best or most adventurous cook out there, so I decided to trust myself to people who know better, and just went on with it. 
This decision turned out to be a big mistake, and one I feel really stupid for making, as it left the soup with the texture of tiny carrot bits all throughout, which was nothing what any of us were in the mood for.

I share this, because, well, it's funny.  This kind of stuff is post-worthy too, in it's own way, because nobody on this planet is perfect, and there's no point pretending.  Maybe you wished you could sew, or knit, but you only end up with mangled messes when you try.  But maybe just maybe you can cook, and today you can sit back and chuckle at me and my Oops-Soup.  I promise not to try any new dishes if you ever come to dinner :-) 

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