Friday, October 15, 2010


Just a few photos to share what we're up to right now. 
Still enjoying some flowers from our garden (I'm really surprised by how many flowers thrive in the fall around our neighborhood),

I'm enjoying a row or two here and there.  It's tricky finding time for knitting with an infant in the house, but I expect my sweater to get bigger as the babe does.

Enjoying the view. 
This is what she likes to do when she's up.  Since she likes to be held so much, I'm quite grateful that 97% of the kids out there (her age) are bigger than her.

Right now I'm "helping" with a lot of things Micah usually does himself.  He has the sniffles.  This has seriously cut into my dish-washing time, by the way. 

And I'm also still watching Levi dig and sort and build and take apart and build and... well you get the idea.  Levi sometimes makes me forget what year it is.  He is so much like my brother was when we were little.
And right now?  At this very moment, the boys are happily playing a board game together (crazy wonderful, I'm telling you), Eve is sleeping, and I'm making lunch and brooding over when to tell them our secret plans for the weekend...
Happy Friday!

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