Thursday, October 21, 2010

Levi's Second Photography Lesson

First, here's an awesome picture that Levi took of Mr. Anthony and Micah this week:

All righty!  Today's lesson was about taking pictures of big things.  Now, I know that "big" is a pretty broad term, but we were going at it from the skill of moving your own body so that everything fit's into the camera's frame. 

That being said, Levi armed himself with his checklist and his camera, and we headed outside (which gave him a chance to practice using the view-finder, rather than the digital screen on the back of his camera).  Here are some of his best shots...

I must admit that the last three were my favorite.  I love that gate, and adore the one of the old tree stump filling with leaves.  I had no clue that Levi was taking our picture as we went up the stairs!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I don't edit any of his photos.  These are just the way he sees them!
Next Lesson: Close-ups

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