Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There and Back Again. A Mama's Tale.

Woo-hoo!  We made it, there and back again.  Eve didn't do too bad on the long trip; I mean, hey, she might have shrieked her head off the first day, but she slept good that night, and pretty much all the second day.  What?  A child of mine that actually slept in the car?  I know.  Weird.

Can I just say how theraputic knitting is?  When you're in the car and your baby's upset and you've done everything that could be done (short of getting out and walking to your destination).  (I finished those pants by the way, on the return trip:)

Course, you'd probably start screaming too if this was all you had to stare at for hours, especially if you are by nature a snuggler, like Eve is.

Oh, but when we got there, it was so worth it, even to a little baby's understanding.  Eve got to meet her awesome Uncle Kevin... (don't you love that face?  both of them! she was exhausted, but she had a really good cuddle with him when we got there)

...She got to take quite a few naps like this...

...And she got to meet her Pappy.  I grabbed the camera and walked over to catch the moment, and she flashed this funny little grin at it.  (What a difference a nap makes!)
I have a few more vacation shots to share, and hopefully I can remember some of the ridiculously funny things the boys said, which might give me time to get us totally unpacked.

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