Monday, August 11, 2008

Brotherly Love

The boys have really been having a lot of fun together. We've been getting out the Legos, and they sit and build things. L's been posing to have his photo taken again, which is really great (I knew that run from the camera thing couldn't last forever)!

We put up our count-down to Gramma's chain Sunday morning. When we run out of loops, we'll be going to see Gramma and Grampa for Labor Day weekend. L has been itching to travel, so I had to put something up he could mark the time with!

My cutie-pie! Poor kid, those "skitos" tear into him like they do me. It must have something to do with our O blood....? No, that's me and L. Maybe it's just cause he pauses to inspect things, where-as L is more of a moving target? They both get such terrible whelts (welts, how do you spell that?). Anyways. Stay tuned for live action love tomorrow!

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