Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun Things

Daddy has started bringing home Happy Meals. We eat the food, the boys play with the boxes, and the toys go into our family treasure box.

M's cute self:

And here's M having some fun playing on my bed by himself. We keep a small shoebox of random toy things that the boys can play with back there, for those moments when you just need something different to do.

L went through my Deceptively Delicious cookbook, chose a recipe, and announced, " I make dis!" So we made the yogurt/strawberry/sugar frozen pops, with only one hitch: I could not find our popsicle molds. So I used our Jello egg molds instead. They're a little trickier to pour the mix into, but they were such fun. I just need a little funnel! They were such a hit! And it was great to watch L eat so much fruit!

Have a great weekend!

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