Friday, August 15, 2008

What a Great Day!

This shot just about sums up today:

The boys are settling down for their rest, and it's given me a moment to reflect on what a great day it's been so far! The morning started out with Cheerio's for breakfast (M likes his with milk, and L had his dry today). L spouted out this incredibly long sentence for him (his expresive speech is getting so much better), let's see if I can do it justice:

"Mommy, take-a pikchur Ebi eatin Cheerios plez?!"

Which, how could I not?

We were still eating breakfast when L wanted to do Learning Time. We have been doing Learning Time nearly every day, and he is eating it up. We make things, copy patterns, do concept worksheets, do occasional science experiments (like our tie-dyed shirts), and have started learning phonics on the internet.

And we found a bird nest today, which L was floored over! He is totally interested in this thing!

We also went visiting at Camp for the last day, and had fun with the office girls! All three of us really enjoyed that!

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