Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Going for a Paddle (Rivah-Part IV)

This was one of my favorite things that we did! I love canoeing! If I could figure a way to get one on and off of my truck I'd send my hubby out scavenging for a used one immediately. The boys thought it was great, especially the way we could sneak up on so much wildlife, and Levi got really excited when I told him about canoe-camping. Wanted to go right that very minute!

We had so much fun, and that night I got to sit on the dock after dinner and watch the color bleed out of the sky. The next day we had plans to go for another paddle, eat some crab, and then head home, but both boys woke up with Daddy on the brain, so we ditched all that and went straight on up to MD (Seriously, I have never seen Micah pitch such a fit as when he thought I was going to leave him behind (while I was packing the truck)).

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