Tuesday, August 25, 2009

scones & books

Mmm... the boys helped me make some scones. Of course I took 3 steps away from the table where we were mixing the dough, and Levi dumped in the remains of my nearly empty jar of Cream of Tartar! We threw out the egg, 1/4 cup honey, and 1 cup of milk that was already in there. I know, I know, a terrible waste, right? But, there were two reasons I dumped it and started over. #1, I think it made a slightly bigger impact on Levi about his mistake (he really wasn't being malicious, just childish), and #2, I think it would have been even worse to guess at how much more tartar I needed and then have the entire recipe wasted, rather than just the first three ingredients. I mean, we're talking about a stick of butter and 4 cups of flour, not to mention how utterly disappointed we'd all be!
So we dumped and started all over, and they turned out delicious. I cut them kinda small, so the boys ate a ton of them (Micah and I had strawberry jam on ours!).

Oops. Opened the box to take this picture and the smell got to me. I ended up eating another one!
And look what we found at a yard sale? I know the old Childcraft books are way outdated in some of their info, but boy, was I excited! We had a set of these growing up, and I went threw my favorites over and over and over. I can still recite the poem in Vol. 3, Page 66, that I had to memorize in the fourth grade! And the coolest thing? Both of the boys are just thumbing through them, totally loving the pictures and drawings they find, just like I did!

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