Thursday, August 13, 2009

Return of the Pirates

I've bet you've been wondering where all those pirates have gone, haven't you? They come and go, but I haven't seen much of them in a month or so (perhaps because we were out of town???). But they've been making random appearances this week, and I managed to catch one on camera.

And Levi's been getting really, really good at making up stories. Tonight he thanked me for making a "nice dinner" and then proceeded to regale Micah and I with a swashbuckling tale about his friend the giant squid and how they confronted the terrible man-clock (he had a bad dream about a man-clock a while back, and now it tends to show up as the villian in his stories).

Micah and I listened to this most excellent (and lengthy) story, Micah all the while parroting words that his brother was saying. He adores his big brother. Which is excellent. Levi is actually starting to understand that Micah copies him exactly. And with that if he wants Micah to quit pushing, all he's got to do is step back and say "Ladies first," and Micah will immediately do the same. (That by the way is how we've worked out the I'm first, first, first thing, just upped the chivalry standards, and presto, now they're more anxious to hold the door for Mama than to rush out of it).

Anyways, I'm loving the story-telling going on around here. I'm hoping to be able to record some of them soon, and as his confidence grows in drawing, that he'll be able to illustrate some of them.

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