Thursday, August 27, 2009

That Crafty Buzz...

I am totally riding on that crafty buzz! The boys asked if I could make them backpacks a while ago. I said sure, after I finished the other projects on my sewing list. So, after I got the shop stocked up, we picked some material together, and then I sat down with the scissors and free-hand cut all the pieces I would need to make fully-lined backpacks. I sat down at the sewing machine and presto! Two backpacks just the right size for my boys!

Course the best part was the way they paraded around the house, wearing their packs. Levi rattled off all the places he thinks his pack should go, which made me feel pretty awesome!

I am so excited, just because they were excited! I love crafting something that they can use a bunch, something they love, and something that comes together quick!

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