Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cardboard Castle

Wow! Can you believe it's September?! Anywho, we cut up a box to make a castle this morning - it was great! I made the towers by cutting along the fold of the flaps and leaving about an eigth of the flap connected. Then I rolled the cut part and taped the ends into a tube. I think we'll make a kid-sized one of these the next time we get our hands on a couple of BIG boxes!

And Micah's been going crazy with the trains. He's been spending hours arranging the track, and pulling it apart, and putting pieces here and there.

It's amazing how happy cardboard can make a couple of kids!
PS - If you're carving your own castle, I recommend big drawbridge doors, because it's easier to move your toys around inside with the big, big door!

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