Friday, September 4, 2009

life at our house

So here are some of the random things happening around here that make up life as we know it! We're trying to savor the last bits of summer by being out in the sunshine every day. Here's my little cowboy on his horse, "Coleman." Micah does a ton of pretending for a two year old - he really surprises me (he built me an eight-layer cake this morning, for Pete's sake)!

And here's Levi chilling at the sand/water table. Mr. Anthony hauled that thing up onto the porch for me, all by himself! I figured that it would be something different to do on the porch, plus we might be able to extend its use, because I can put in hot water from the kitchen on cool days. I did not figure in the proximity between the sand and the inside of the house. Oops. That's what brooms are for, right?

Here's what I have going on right now... I've been cutting pieces for some new dolls (I trace the bodies though; can't cut them out until after I've embroidered the faces). I also decided to see what all the fuss is about with Nancy Drew. They are interesting, but not my favorite style of writing (hey, they were written a loooonnnnggg time ago). It is a bit of a bummer though when you solve the mystery about fifty pages in...

The other book is More Fun with Spanish, which you can read easily enough in the picture, I'm just writing it out so that I can point out to you that our county libraries only carry the second book in the series. Oh, sure, they have Fun with French and Fun with German, but not Fun with Spanish. I find that kind of thing entertaining. Sort-of.
And here's some more of my stuff - a little shirt & skirt set for the shop, and a p.j. set too. The yellow thing on the needles is the head of a snake, my latest I-need-to-knit-something-that-will-use-up-scrap-yarn idea. Off to one side is a tiny copy of my doll pattern, for a secret project I'm working on (here's a little hint - it involves geocaching).
And this one? Well, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. There was one left on the counter, and when I came back into the kitchen, the stepstool was pushed over and all the icing had been picked off. There are little gouges everywhere that those tiny fingers pinched. I'll give you one guess who did that (and incidently, Levi does not need a stepstool to reach the counter:)!
This last one is another creation from the wonderful mind of Levi. A couple months ago we saw a ladybug living in an acorn (in a book) and he begged and begged to make a little house but all I could come up with was this idea. It held him off for a while, but when we went caching with daddy the other day, Levi found 3 big acorns, and he suddenly remembered his house. The only thing I did was draw the little windows and the door (the kids aren't allowed anywhere near the Sharpies), and then hand him a bit of play dough and some paper.

Awesome, isn't it? I love the grass and the apple tree.

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