Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Westside Dedication

So here we all are at the 9.11.09 dedication of the new sanctuary. It was great. And you know, I never would have thought to see my pastor on a balance beam. Never. Ever.

Here he is. Dale actually stood up there for a while and then stretched out and wrapped all his limbs on for dear life. This is him dangling back down to the ground in his illustration about how we tend to go through life not performing. Instead we cling to that beam, afraid of a billion stupid things, and then we flop off at the end (when we die), then jump to our feet and throw our arms in the air, expecting the Judge to give us a great score.
It was a great illustration. I really would have liked to hear what was going on inside his wife's head when he first climbed up there. I guarantee I'll remember that one for the rest of my life.
Take some risks people.
Do something worthy of the Judge.

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