Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Boys

Here's Levi attempting to teach his little brother addition... We had a big moment this week - it was time for Micah to move out of his crib. My philosophy behind that is when you're able to climb out (and fall), you're ready to move on. We also decided that he would be moving to the Big Boy Room. While Daddy and Micah were at the store, Levi was thrilled to help me set things up! We built a little tent around his bed, to help with that post-crib-security thing.

The super-squinty-smile...

View from the tent window...
Micah was soooo excited! As I write this, the boys are chatting in their room - they get some lights on time before the bed time buzzer goes off!
And here's some of our work. See the pink owl? It's pink because it is a baby Barn Owl, and they're pink with fluffy white feathers soon after they're born. To its right is the mama Barn Owl. Cool, huh?
And of course, some more quilt blocks...!

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