Thursday, November 5, 2009

quiltmaker's apprentice

I have been fiddling. I have this really neat lace pattern, but (for the first time ever) I feel the need to practice it before I plan out exactly what I'm making.
And The Quiltmaker's Gift is still having a pretty big impact around here. Today Levi wanted to make paper quilts, based off of the sample blocks in the book. He picked King's Crown, and I drew it out for him to color. He's pointing it out in the picture below... Micah got into the act as well...

This sweetheart of a son informed me that we need to make quilts for the little babies that have none. I explained to him that they would probably prefer fabric quilts, because they would be softer and warmer. And he explained to me that we need to go buy some fabric tomorrow.

I am thinking there has to be some way to get my hands on fabric for this. Our culture throws out everything, and I can't help but think that some of that fabric would be suitable for quilt-making, wouldn't it? I mean, that's where quilts originally came from anyway, isn't it?!

So anyone out there with some scraps of nice, charity-worthy fabric that would like to add them to a baby quilt, send them this way!

And, as always - the "me-too" picture!

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