Tuesday, July 6, 2010

birthday prep

Wow.  He is definately my kid.  Okay, let me explain this dark blur: that's Micah, sleeping on the floor, next to his beloved bed.  The previous couple of weeks he slept in a laundry basket, and prior to that he slept in a big box a few times.  Aren't we weird?  I say we, because I can remember being really little and having trouble falling asleep.  Sometimes I'd grab my blanket and pillow and pick a random place to plop myself down.  I always felt like the new-ness of the place let me drop right off, and a night (or two) later, I'd be back in my bed.  

I guess it's genetic. 

Anyways.  Maybe you remember when Levi went through his camera-avoidance phase?  I didn't make a big deal out of it, and he eventually got over it on his own (and I ended up with tons of Micah-moments on film).  Apparently Micah is getting into some sort of similar phase (course there are still times when he's a total film hog)... check out the look I get when he realizes I have the camera trained on him!

Ahem.  So.  If the next few weeks are chock full of six-year old and the baby (when she gets here), you will know why. 
Here's my little chef helping with his birthday ice cream cake.  Micah helped too, but declined the photo op!

Just look at that gooey pile of sugar.  There's chocolate cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the whole thing's frosted with sweet whip cream that we made ourselves.  I dashed the whole thing with more chips, hoping that if the foil touched it in the freezer, it wouldn't stick too badly. 
I would never have thought to make ice cream cake, but Levi specifically asked for the "kind you make, Mama," and how can I turn that down?  Besides, he and his Daddy are totally worth such an experiment!  I feel like I've had such a hard time getting much together to make their birthday special, and having managed a homemade ice cream cake I feel better! 

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