Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tough stuff

My boys were fascinated with this grasshopper.  Levi found him floating, apparently dead, in the middle of the pool.  I sat him on the porch, so we could put him under glass and study him later.  To our total surprise (and fascination), when we got out of the pool half an hour later, the little guy was just coming around.

It survived.  That totally blows my mind.  I mean, really, doesn't anyone else find it funny that the "dominant" creature on the planet is pretty much one of the most fragile things going?  I mean, you can cut up a jellyfish into 10 little pieces and all you get is 10 new jellies, you can drop a newborn giraffe seven feet at the moment of birth and the thing is staggering to its feet and walking almost instantly, and - apparently - you can leave a grasshopper for dead, but you cannot leave a young human in the bathtub for three seconds without putting it in mortal peril.

Isn't that just completely illogical?
God totally has a sense of humor.

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