Thursday, July 22, 2010


The boys have been really big into taking care of little things around here lately.  I think it's their way of waiting for their sister to show up (they shouldn't have to wait much longer... right?).  They both like little things anyway, but there has been a bit more practicing for fatherhood than the usual.  Oh, they're still running and bashing and smashing, but you know, the daddy stuff is mixed in too.  Most of Micah's has been directed toward B (the much-loved, and therefore lackluster scrap of a blanket in the bottom pot), and both boys have been loving on a little bunny we have here, but today Levi had found Lola (a bit of felt I had cut to look like a love/ladybug about oh, six years ago), and he was carting her around.

I've always found it interesting to watch boys play out the daddy-role.  A little girl will play mama for hours.  A boy will love on something for a minute or two, and then he will dash off to build and destroy some tower.

I guess all daddies, even pretend ones, have to go to work some time!

And me?  Oh, I'm feeling fine.  Lots of little contractions here and there, just like I had with Micah, but they don't bother me a bit.  I am knitting like nuts though, slowly adding inches to this sweater I'm working on, OR falling asleep on the couch while the boys dance around me to the sounds of Bob & Larry.

My brain is pretty much focused on them, all three of them, all of the time.  I've read and seen some fascinating studies about this re-wiring of the female brain, but it still amazes me how (at least at this point in my pregnancy), everything else seems to fade out of the picture.  Occasionally I'll turn my eyes away from my children and survey the state of dustbunnies or dishes.  Then I mutter a quick thanks to God that my hubby is so busy & tired with the camp season that I doubt he cares that the couch needs to be vaccuumed, and my brain snaps right back to where it needs to be right now.

But look at me - I'm going to remember something terribly important:
Happy Birthday to my daddy,
the best Pappy in the world!
I love you!

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