Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My Levi has done it.  He is officially no longer able to show how old he is by simply holding up one hand.  He is six.  Six.  It just seems so big.  And he is so interesting. 

He wanted a trunk - a treasure chest shaped trunk - to store his treasures.  He loves to read.  He loves to explore.  He is fascinated by the miniature and the tiny, whether that is the colony life in an anthill or young human infants.  He adores anything handmade, whether by himself or crafted as a gift.  And He loves God.  He wants to know Him and wants to go see Jesus soon.  He even wanted to know why picture Bibles are different in content, and when I explained, he wanted to know when he could have a real Bible to read just before bed like Mama?

So that's just a bit of my Levi, and here are a few sweet moments from his special day:

(Micah, waiting patiently as his brother opens his gifts)

There were books to read, a Bare Book to create himself, his first Freedom Box letter (he has been given the responsibility to start learning how to help answer the phone: listening to others and being polite), his first monogrammed sweater (for the fall, all the colors picked by himself and anxiously watched over as Mama knited away at it), and that real Bible which he lovingly poured over at bedtime, until his flashlight batteries finally gave out (a reward for his hard work at learning to read, and an encouragement to keep working at it).  And of course, the trunk. 

We swam twice in one day, had friends over, ate ice cream, and had dinner with Daddy!  A wonderful, sweet, calm, very handmade birthday.  

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