Tuesday, December 2, 2008

At Uncle Doug's - Part Two

So Friday afternoon the four of us went down to the basement with Gramma and Grampa to have an early Christmas present session. Here's M wondering what's going on. He's actually looking right at me (I'm off camera-duty! Daddy took all of these)!

Opening our stockings is always fun!

M still needs a little help though!

Gramma really liked her present! But I'm not telling what it was yet!

L and M got matching jackets - camo - my favorite!
I love having boys!

Okay. I'm done opening things. I only want to play with this. Please let me be...

Seriously! What does a guy have to do for five minutes with his new toy?

Lots of Wall-E fun: cups, bowls, plates, blanket, pillow and a look and find book! L was thrilled!

Snuggling up with Mama. See the Pooh and blanket? We also got four Beatrix Potter books (yay!), and Mama got The River Cottage Family Cookbook! Daddy got the DVD of Dirty Jobs, so he's looking forward to watching that...

L's new pillow and toy tote...

And here we are at home playing with our Duplos on the new Lego boards Gramma & Grampa got for them. These are great, and don't take up hardly any space when you put them away!
Tomorrow I'll post a video of all the cousins marching in a parade with "Aunt Anna." Be sure to check out my tiara!

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