Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New ornaments and new food

So here are the boys playing with their beloved Aunt Lindsay!

And today's activity was making snowman ornaments with rolled felt. Here's M's snowman, complete with clips to hold it together until the glue has dried...

And these two are of L working on his snowman. He actually did quite a lot, even drew the face and buttons all by himself! Here he is putting on the clothespins to keep it together for the night... he's quite thrilled, can you tell?

Tomorrow we'll take the clips off and add the snowmen to our tree - I will try to get pics of them! And tonight I tried something new (since Daddy is helping with the Christmas play this week and wasn't here for dinner - I'd rather not make him the guinea pig on an all veggie type thing)! It was excellent - veggie fritters from my new cookbook. I'm still full!

Happy Wednesday!

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