Monday, December 15, 2008

Sillies and Secrets

First, the Sillies! L totally loves to set things up. He's been going to his room more and more to play this way. He fascinates me, and I like watching him and examining the things he sets up to get a little peek into the way his mind works, and who he is on the inside. I see lots of myself in him, when he does things like this:

And I see lots of myself in M, when he does this!

And some more sillyness...

And L's most recent display of creativity - he's been rearranging the stars on his walls and has discovered that he can use them to display some of the things he loves! I love it - Peter flying through the stars...!

And now for the secrets! Here's some of what I've been working on for the boys' Christmas gifts! We've gotten them a couple things and trying to emphasize giving a couple special gifts, rather than just a bunch of stuff. For L's 4th birthday he received a singing balloon and a firetruck. He was in raptures. I totally see why the Jewish people give one gift a day for Hanukkah. Somehow it's really hard to truly appreciate a big pile of gifts!

Anyways! Off my soap-box! Here are the secrets! I've been making a map of Never Never Land for them to share - super secret! I only work on it at night, when I'm fairly certain of not being walked in on. Tomorrow I'm going to stitch in some lining and attach a back, and then it will be done. There's also the growing bear for M!

Checking the cuddlyness...

Finished Bear! Going to get a cute ribbon to dress his neck for his big Christmas debut!

Can I just say how satisfying it is to have finished Bear? Even though his eyes are so funny?
Oh, and we had a first today, M stuck a Cheerio up his nose. He was not happy at all.

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