Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Moments

We had a great time making garland for the birds, even though stringing popcorn is tough! L loved watching the popcorn explode in our pot when I lifted the lid so he could peek! Then we took our pinecones and garland out, decorated the outdoor tree, and finished it off by dumping the rest of the popcorn on top of the tree! Then we ran around the yard like banshees, till the boys were pooped and M's fingers were so chilly we needed to come in (that happens when you keep toppling over into damp grass because you keep stepping in that invisible hole)!

You probably wonder why I post so many pics of me snuggling up with the boys. I can't help it. These are the moments I'm treasuring up in my heart. So I'm going to snuggle up now, with a cup of hot cocoa, and savor the moments!

Merry Christmas!

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