Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We're enjoying these few extra evenings of surprising warmth around here!  I threw some things into a bag while papa bear was outside stoking the fire, and then headed outside.  It might not have been the most nutritous meal, but it was definately fun!  Grown-up food went on the grill, and grilled-cheese sandwiches went right into the fire for the boys (we have one of those gadgets you line with bread and then fill with whatever you like).  After the "real" food, we made easy fire pies with our sandwich press (at which point one of basement boys came out and ran the littles around - and yes, of course we rewarded him with a pie).

Easy Fire Pies:
Line sandwich cooker with buttered-slices of bread.  Dump pie-filling of your choice inside.  Close cooker and shove into fire.  Turn frequently.  Mmmm...

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EmilyRSPS said...

Yummy! Camp Fire food! My husband calls them "Mountain Berry Pies."

Oh and those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies look amazing!